How to Pursue a Whiplash Lawsuit


If you suffer from whiplash after a Colorado car accident, you know how painful and debilitating this injury can really be. Unfortunately, insurance companies and adjusters often view whiplash victims in a negative light and this is reflected in the settlements they offer. To make matters worse, whiplash victims may not experience the full severity of their injuries for days and even weeks following an accident.

When you have suffered a whiplash injury, the pain and stiffness in your neck could result in a lifelong disability, requiring medical treatment and significant rehabilitation. For many, they are unable to work, enjoy their hobbies, and maintain an active lifestyle. When this occurs, you need an experienced Colorado whiplash lawsuit attorney on your side to protect your interests and ensure that you receive the compensation you need to fully recover.

If you wish to pursue a whiplash lawsuit, your Colorado personal injury lawyer will need to investigate all angles of your accident to establish negligence and build your case. He will need to speak to eye witnesses, obtain the accident report, and may even need to employ forensic specialists.

Once negligence is established, your attorney will need to discuss your medical treatment and diagnosis with a physician. An MRI may be required to help prove that you sustained a whiplash injury. Your Colorado personal injury lawyer will need to determine how much medical treatment your injury is likely to cost you both now and in the future. Will your whiplash turn into a chronic condition? Will you require extensive rehabilitation or medical treatment?

These questions must be answered before negotiating with an insurance company or filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. Your Denver whiplash injury lawyer will be able to discuss all of your legal options with you, so you can determine if filing a whiplash lawsuit is in your best interest.

If you are awarded compensation for your whiplash injury, your lawsuit will likely cover any out of pocket expenses arising from the accident and injury, including any lost wages both now and in the future. You may also be awarded for pain and suffering.

Even if you choose not to file a whiplash lawsuit, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced Colorado whiplash injury lawyer immediately. Your attorney will be able to negotiate a significantly higher settlement with the insurance company and can help you obtain the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

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