Will Progressive Insurance Pay my Claim?

After a car accident, injured accident victims usually look to their insurance companies to help them pay medical expenses and repair the damage done to their cars. Yet it is when the unthinkable happens that you find out just how reliable your insurance company is. While Progressive claims to one of the nation’s best insurance companies, nothing could be farther from the truth.

If your car accident is simple, your Progressive claims adjuster may come out and review the damages and your injuries rather quickly. Your adjuster may even offer you a settlement that seems like it should cover your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. Unfortunately for many policyholders, this settlement is designed to protect Progressive’s bottom line and reduce their liabilities. When injuries become chronic or require extensive rehabilitation or additional surgeries, injured victims usually realize that they received far too little—and unfortunately, by then it is too late.

Not only does Progressive offer accident victims low-ball settlements, they also have been caught engaging in bad faith practices. In 2011, Progressive was accused of altering the computer records of a policyholder after an accident to make it seem like they did not have enough insurance to cover their injuries. A jury awarded the injured man and his family more than $12 million.

Common Bad Faith Tactics

Progressive insurance is not the only company who engages in bad faith practices. Some of the most common bad faith tactics insurance companies use to get out of paying claims include:

  • Delaying claims payments

  • Denying valid claims

  • Failing to return phone calls

  • Terminating policies after an accident

  • Ignoring medical information that is vital to the claim

  • Ordering unnecessary testing

  • Failing to defend against third party claims

  • Losing paperwork

  • Falsifying records

  • And more

Insurance companies like Progressive usually rely on the fact that policyholders rarely have anyone on their side protecting their interests. When a policyholder retains a lawyer to help fight these insurance companies, they almost always receive compensation that is far greater than the settlement they were initially offered. Without legal representation, insurance companies can delay and deny claims for months—while you get farther and farther into debt. It’s not fair—but it’s how they do business.

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